The Academic Playhouse is an infant through preschool daycare located in Richmond, Texas. We are one big family working towards the common goal of excelling in early childhood education. Our knowledgeable teaching staff is dedicated to providing a positive environment where students feel safe, respected, and part of our family.

Applicants should possess the following characteristics when applying…

  • Passion for Early Childhood Education
  • Knowledge in Child Development
  • Empathy towards children
  • Cheerful and patient
  • Respectful of families and staff
  • Genuine in your interest in each child’s achievements
  • Authenticity in respecting young students’ thoughts and feelings

When working with families, The Academic Playhouse staff is expected to…

  • Remain professional at all times
  • Forge relationships with families
  • Work as a team with families and staff
  • Communicate students’ daily experiences and milestones in a thoughtful manner through the BrightWheel app
  • Recognize and document each student’s development in order to track their progress

Minimum Requirements:

  • Lead teachers must obtain their CDA certification

To apply to become part of the Academic Playhouse team, please submit resume to us at: