The Academic Playhouse has established a healthy and secure environment for your child. While in our preschool, your child can learn and play within the safe surroundings of each classroom. In these changing times, we will update our procedures and practices as necessary to create the safest place possible for your child.


Your child’s safety is our number one concern when in our care. Our campus is monitored at all times, inside and out, with closed-circuit security cameras. After your little one is brought inside the school, they are protected in a secure area with automatic locking doors.

No one will be allowed beyond the school lobby other than staff and students to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Teachers are responsible for their head count every min of the day. A head count board is placed in each classroom and teachers are responsible for updating the board throughout the day as children enter and leave their classroom.

Pick up and Drop off

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, all children, including infants, must have their temperatures taken and hands washed upon entry into the building. In addition, if a child displays any flu-like symptoms, that child will not be allowed to be dropped off.

No one besides students and staff will be permitted to pass the school’s lobby. All pick-ups and drop-offs will occur in the lobby.


We are currently allowing scheduled in-person tours of our preschool. However, for everyone’s safety, all persons entering will have their temperature taken, be encouraged to use hand sanitizer, and are required to wear a mask for the duration of the tour. Videos of each classroom are also located on our Instagram page for those who prefer an online option.

Cleaning Procedures

The Academic Playhouse’s priority is to maintain a clean, safe environment for your child. We have procedures in place to ensure the cleanliness of your child’s daily surroundings. For example, all high-touch items are disinfected before and after each use, reducing the risk of spreading germs. Our staff also ensures the toys, tables, and chairs used in each classroom during the day go through a thorough sanitization and disinfection process.

At The Academic Playhouse, hand washing is an essential skill frequently practiced and praised with our students. We demonstrate and encourage hand washing multiple times throughout the day including, but not limited to, trips to the bathroom, before & after eating, fine motor activities, and outside play. f

Sick Child Policy

If your child displays any symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illness, they will not be permitted to attend school. If your child gets sick at school, parents or caregivers are expected to pick up the child immediately.

After testing positive for COVID in order for a child to return to the center they must show a negative COVID test.

A child experiencing flu like symptoms must show a doctors note in order to return.

We thank all of our families for playing an essential role in keeping our preschool clean and helping our staff ensure all of us stay safe and healthy.